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What CGDirector stands for

CGDirector reports independently. The display ads on CGDirecor occupy their own space, detached from any influence on our editorial direction and content. There are no advertisements that are not identified as such and CGDirector is not willing to permanently sacrifice the long-term credibility of its content for ads disguised as content.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do entirely without advertisements because running this site costs a lot of money.

Concerning content, the editorial team acts completely independently of any advertising customers and advertising bookings on CGDirector. The editors are not salespeople and are in no way involved in selling advertising banners on CGDirector.

This content independence is the elementary basis for a high level of credibility among the readers and the community. The focus of reporting is exclusively catered to their interests – and not to the interests of advertising partners.

The following paragraphs disclose in detail which advertisements are used on CGDirector. Transparency is intended to create understanding and ultimately promote the acceptance of advertising on CGDirector.

Only those who do not block the ads contribute to ensuring content independence.


In contrast to many other websites, CGDirector has no advertising formats such as pop-ups, layers, and interstitials that overlay the website’s content.

If a layer is nevertheless visible, please reach out to us (contact [at] cgdirector [dot] com) with a screenshot of the banner in question to help fix it straight away. Problems and errors with advertising banners are taken seriously and are actively investigated to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Banners & display ads

CGDirector relies on advertising banners for financing. Ads on the subject of eroticism and “subscription traps” are excluded, and editorial content and contributions from the community always have priority. Banners and display ads are also clearly recognizable as such.

Sponsored articles

Articles usually published on CGDirector (news, notes, tests, reports, …) are written by an independent editor and aim to provide objective information. In addition, sponsored articles may appear at irregular intervals that are not written by an independent editor and contain advertising messages from an advertising client. We always clearly mark such sponsored articles with the word “[Sponsored]” both at the top of the article and in any article list.

Affiliate links

In addition to advertising banners, CGDirector uses affiliate links. Some online stores (e.g. Amazon) offer partner programs that enable the partner to receive a share of the revenue from purchases. To do this, they must include their partner ID in links to the store and then hope that purchases will be made in the store due to clicking on this link.

The insertion of the CGDirector partner ID in store links is not carried out by an external service provider, but by CGDirector itself, so that an external service provider cannot execute JavaScript code on CGDirector every time a page is called up (security, data protection, loading time, …). Intermediate insertions such as “You are now leaving our domain” can also be prevented in this way.

The links are not rewritten when the page is loaded, but only when a link is clicked, because this works more reliably when the page content changes dynamically and because you can find out the final link destination via mouse hover before clicking instead of only seeing the domain of an affiliate network at first glance in some cases.

The linked products do not become more expensive as a result of the affiliate links.

Deactivate AdBlock!

To be able to report independently and offer CGDirector and its connected forum in the future, the entire CGDirector team would like to ask you to deactivate your AdBlocker on CGDirector.

CGDirector is Reader-supported. When you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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